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Angela Sabino

The Third Fastest

The Third Fastest

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Tiger Sharks are the third fastest species of Sharks, achieving 32 Km/h swimming. As powerful predators they can accelerate to higher speeds when hunting or capturing prey. The skeleton, body shape and fin configuration of Tiger Sharks are adaptations for efficient and agile movement in the water.

The fusiform body, which is streamlined and tapered at both ends, reduces water resistance and grants efficient forward motion. The elongated tail provides a significant surface area to push against the water, generating forward propulsion. It's flexibility also allows for quick and precise movements. Tiger sharks have large, paddle-shaped pectoral fins on either side of their body facilitating sharp turns and changes in direction. The dorsal fin along with a pronounced keel on the underside of its body, enhance stability and prevents rolling during swimming.

Sharks belong to the Chondrichthyes class, fishes with a cartilaginous skeleton. Cartilage is 2 times lighter than bones reducing the overall weight of the Shark's body. Cartilage is more flexible than bone allowing quick and precise movements. The cartilaginous skeleton is less dense than water, but this lightness makes their buoyancy negative, which would prevent the Shark from remaining submerged. It’s their oil-filled liver (much appreciated by Orcas) that enables a neutral buoyancy, permitting Sharks to stay underwater, adjusting their depth in the water column without expending excessive energy.

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