I grew up in Peniche, Portugal, a small town where the ocean is a big part of life. My childhood was filled with the sounds of the sea and seagulls, and from my bedroom window, I started taking pictures, falling in love with the sea and the landscapes around me.

My career began in healthcare as nurse, but everything changed when I moved to France seven years ago. It was there that documentaries like “Mère Océan” and “700 Requins dans la Nuit” really made me think about pursuing my interest in the underwater world. Joining ASSA Subaquatique, I started freediving and scuba diving, always with a camera in hand, ready to capture the wonders below the surface.

This new hobby quickly became my passion. I was hooked by the beauty of the underwater world and spent as much time as I could diving in different places like Spain, the Red Sea, Maldives, and Norway. Two years into this adventure, I was fully committed, investing in better equipment and starting to think of photography as more than just a hobby. By the end of 2022, I decided to leave my job in healthcare to become a full-time photographer.

I'm particularly fascinated by sharks, the polar regions, and the experience of swimming with orcas and whales. These moments not only shape my photography but also remind me of the importance of protecting the environment. I hope my pictures can help others feel a connection with nature and inspire them to protect our planet.

With each photo, I aim to tell a story that brings us closer to nature, encouraging us all to take care of the world around us. Let's go on this journey together and discover the beauty of the natural world.