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Angela Sabino

The Rugged Cape

The Rugged Cape

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The Cabo Carvoeiro is the second westernmost cape in Europe, located on the coast of Portugal. The rugged coastline around Cabo Carvoeiro can be hazardous for maritime navigation. The lighthouse plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of vessels by warning them of the presence of the cape and guiding them away from potential dangers, such as rocky outcrops and shallow waters.

Although Portuguese sailors ventured off the coast into the unknown oceans and developed nautical astronomy and navigation instruments in the 15th century, maritime signaling didn’t advance, and the Portuguese coast remained internationally known as the “black coast.” There were roughly three lighthouses in all of continental Portugal until the earthquake of November 1, 1755. The destruction or damage of the existing lighthouses created an urgent demand to illuminate the main ports of the country. The Cabo Carvoeiro lighthouse was one of the six lighthouses that the Secretary of State, Marquis de Pombal, ordered to construct, and it was completed in 1790.

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