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Angela Sabino



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A moment in which the Tiger Shark swims towards the camera is quite unique, provides a distinctive and uncommon perspective on the captivating features of this remarkable predator. The main challenge of capturing such an image is that sharks generally avoid humans. First, when diving with sharks, we are taught how to behave in the water with these magnificent creatures: stand our ground, keep the Shark in sight and look the Tiger in its eyes calmly, and this usually makes the shark swim away a couple of meters before it getting close. Second, when a Tiger Shark faces us directly, it cannot see us, as its eyes are positioned laterally on the head, creating a blind spot right in front of the shark. This is why the Tiger Shark prefers to position itself laterally to an animal rather than in front of it, to maintain sight of the subject.Despite the inherent challenge of capturing such an image due to sharks avoidance of humans, the careful navigation of interactions with these creatures, the exploration into the behavior and characteristics of the Tiger Shark only adds depth to my appreciation of its extraordinary presence in the underwater realm.

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