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Angela Sabino

Marine Harmony

Marine Harmony

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Sharks are about three times older than dinosaurs, they’ve been swimming for over 400 million years and survived 3 planetary mass extinctions. There are over 500 recognized species of Sharks.

The Maldives has implemented laws and regulations to protect Sharks. These measures include bans on Shark finning, restrictions on Shark fishing and the establishment of marine protected areas to safeguard critical habitats for Sharks. The Maldives recognizes the economic value of Sharks in the tourism industry. Many tourists visit the Maldives for its vibrant marine life, including Sharks. Shark tourism provides a sustainable alternative to Shark fishing, as it promotes the conservation of these animals and their habitats. Educational programs also help raise awareness about the importance of Sharks in marine ecosystems.

At Tiger Harbor the Tiger Sharks avoid contact with divers and between each other. They pass several times, inspect us, approach us, look on and off in our eyes and continue with their lives. An infinite number of peaceful encounters.

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