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Angela Sabino

Fine Lines

Fine Lines

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The Whitespotted Eagle Ray (Aetobatus narinari) can be found in warm coastal waters, known for its impressive wingspan size that can reach 3m (I haven’t encounter bigger than 0,5m) and can weigh 180-230 Kg. Often glides through the water, has both a graceful and acrobatic swimming style, occasionally leaping or "breaching" above the surface. Its diet consists of crustaceans, small fish and mollusks, that it crushes using its specialized teeth for hard shells. The tail is longer than other rays and may have 2 to 6 venomous spines, behind the pelvic fins. As a shy animal it prefers to swim away and only uses its venomous spines if it feels threatened. The Spotted Eagle Ray female gives birth to live young, typically 1 to 4 pups at a time. Usually seen alone or in groups of 3 to 6 they also congregate in schools. It’s predators are big size Sharks of different species and humans. The Spotted Eagle Ray is Endangered of Extinction and the threats include habitat degradation, overfishing and accidental capture in fisheries.

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