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Angela Sabino

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Everything We Want

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Fuvahmulah became a star attraction of the Maldives in the last 3 years due to Tiger Shark diving and scuba diving in general. It’s a one-island atoll itself, the nearest to the Equator and the third largest island in the Maldives. It includes a diverse range of habitats, from tropical woodlands, wetlands to freshwater lakes, pebble beaches and of course white sandy beaches. When I first stepped into the island as one of the many visitors, I felt I was in a virgin island in certain areas or beaches, the animals were numerous in a way that it was difficult to find a place to safely step the ground without crushing an animal, the birds songs were the permanent soundtrack, the different flower’s perfumes would dance into our nostrils and time seemed to flow at a slower pace. The development of the island in these last 3 years has been blistering, many infra-structures and accesses were built and by the increasing numbers of visitors it’s not about to stop. I hope the people that are developing this island protect it’s natural treasures from over-exploitation, and many other people can experience the magnificence of nature in total immersion, of it’s animals, plants and flowers. Fuvahmulah has been considered by Maldivians to be the most beautiful island in the Maldives and I hope it will be preserved in such a way.

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